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Wintonbury Land Trust maintains a blog at that provides history and current updates on our properties and photos.  So if you want to read about a particular property, this is the place to go.

Approximately 200 acres total

Property List


Griffin Brook, by Dennis Hubbs

William Capewell Greene Preserve, Bloomfield

Donated September 1984 by Gary Pierce of Derekseth.  This was the first property donated to the Land Trust.  20.5 acres of mixed wetlands and meadow abutting Walt’s Hill and Adams Road down to state reservoir.

Speer Preserve, Bloomfield & Simsbury

Donated March 1994 and December 2009 by the Nature Conservancy and Edmund and Elizabeth Speer.  13.9 total acres of secluded woodland at the end of Juniper Road.

Merritt Preserve, Bloomfield

Donated November 1995 by Mr. And Mrs. Robert Merritt.  A 3 acre wetland preserve with outflow from seasonal waterfall on Tariffville Road.

Van Otterloo cascade by Vikki Reski

Van Otterloo Preserve, Bloomfield

Donated December 1995 by Mr. And Mrs. Van Otterloo.  The 9 acres of wooded hillside property with pond and dam, buffers Balbrae and West Hartford.

H.C.Davis Preserve, Bloomfield

Donated January 1996 by Mr. Davis of the Northwood Industrial Park.  3.5 acres of woodland buffers Industrial Park from Blue Hills Avenue.

Maple and Burr Road Corner, Bloomfield

Donated October 1997 by Mt. Sinai Hospital Foundation.  3.5 acres of mixed wetlands and woodland, buffers Tumblebrook Golf Course.

Monterosso Parcel , Bloomfield

Donated July 2001.  Catherine Street, Lot 79. 0 .25 acres.

Howard Smith Property, Bloomfield

Donated March 1999.  Eggleston Street, Lots 54, 55 and 56, approx 1 acre.

Violette Property, Bloomfield

Donated September 1999.  Palm Street Lots 12 .69 acre, 62 & 65 .25 acre, a total 1 acre.

20 Still Road, West Hartford

Donated April 2000 by the State of CT DOT.  9.8 acres on corner Still Road and North Main Street, bordering Bloomfield.

Schaffer Property, Bloomfield

Donated December 2001.  48 acres, Parcel 1 and 2 at 91 Duncaster Road.

Sinnot Farm – The Knoll, Bloomfield

Donated September 2003 by James Street Development Corp.  30 acres mixed woodlands abuts Terry Plains Road.

Beatty Parcel, Bloomfield

Donated April 2003.  Lyman Lane #11.  0.25 acres

ABB Property

Donated September 2003 by ABB Corp.  11.2 acres woodlands and pond adjacent to Pepperridge Farms factory.

Thrall Preserve – 490 Old Day Hill Road, Windsor

Donated Dec 2007 by Winstanley Enterprises LLC.  12 acres Windsor Industrial Park.

Tunxis Heights, Bloomfield

Donated Jan 2006 by Fernand Beaudry Jr.  5.144 acres on the west side of Tunxis Avenue (RT 189) stretching from Day Hill Road to Beaudry Lane.   Only a small portion of the property abuts RT 189, most is located behind lots 1079, 1215, and 1216.

513 Simsbury Road, Bloomfield (Map 174, Lot 11)

Donated December 30, 2008 by Beacon Financial (Ed Mashek).  Above Rundelane on Simsbury Road, this 1 acre (more or less) parcel was donated by a mortgage company.

Cohen Parcel, Bloomfield

27 Terry Plains Road, donated 2010, 0.46 acre treed lot