Annual Meeting Minutes – June 21, 2017

4-H Center at Auerfarm, Bloomfield, CT

The meeting was called to order by President Dale Bertoldi at 6:03pm. 

  1. Activity Highlights since the 2016 Annual Meeting by President Dale Bertoldi: Dale provided an overview of the Land Trust programs over the last year and a general description of the Land Trust properties including the acquisition of the Evans property, stewardship highlights for the Hawk Hill Farm, Thrall Farm update and noted the new trails including the LaSalette Trail and the Evans property. Status and improvements for Green Farms at Lisa Lane in partnership with the Town of Bloomfield and Ironwood Community Partners were also provided.
  2. 2016 Financial Summary by Treasurer Paula Jones: Paula Jones provided a brief but comprehensive report of each overreaching category and overview of expenses and revenue. Paula noted that significant financial resources she noted will be expended this year. Assets and liabilities were presented including building capacity, and limited liability. Paula fielded questions from the audience regarding the report.
  3. Election of Directors: Board nominations were announced along with terms remaining for continuing directors:Nominations for one-year terms: Bette-Jane Hardersen & Christopher Shepard
    Nomination for a two-year term: Victor C. Herson, M.D.
    Nominations for three-year terms: Dale Bertoldi, Michelle Bononi & Rickford KirtonIt was further explained by President Bertoldi that while 10 Board members are currently seated (utilizing rolling turnover) the goal for the future is a 15 member Board.Nominations for the Board were also requested from the floor.  Hearing none, member David Mann moved to approve the announced slate of nominations.  Phil Douville supported the motion and a voice acclaim from the membership prevailed in a unanimous approval of the voting membership.
  4. Acknowledgement of Dale Bertoldi’s Service as President: Vice President Chip Caton provided an overview of the history of the Wintonbury Land Trust conservancy and outreach efforts. Chip acknowledged with gratitude the service and efforts of Dale Bertoldi as President of the Land Trust for the last ten years. He also recognized Vikki Reski as Dale’s partner in the success of his presidency.  Dale and Vikki served as strategists, planners, and hands-on farm volunteers in too many creative and generous ways to get adderall over the counter and count.
  5. Adjournment: A general call for adjournment and approval of adjournment from those present ended the Annual Meeting at 6:58pm

Submitted August 25, 2017, by Michelle J. Bononi, Wintonbury Land Trust Board Secretary